Nissan Frontier (2005+) YAK Bed Rack

$ 949.50

The most functional, utilitarian, strongest truck bed rack available.  Just like the Himalayan Yak, our YAK Bed Rack is our work horse (OX?!?) to carry all your gear and overlanding accessories wherever you need do go.  

The sturdy frames comes with slots throughout to allow you come up with mounting your accessories, off roading or camping gear however you please.


2 heights are available.  Low is 9" above the bed rail to the top.  This would put a roof top tent fully below the cab for best aerodynamics.   High is 20" above the bed rail for maximum usable space in the bed.

Prices include powder coat and shipping in the CONUS.  Please choose - Ground Shipping - at checkout.  Please email for shipping outside this area.

Comes with all mounting hardware

4 1/8- inch thick washers for use behind large slots in the supports to bolt on accessories (additional washers can be purchased in 10 packs.


All products are made to order in the US.  There is *****APPROXIMATELY***** a 6-10 week lead time for fabricated parts but this is not a guaranteed date.  We do as much as we can as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality. Please do not plan an install or a vacation based on the arrival of this product until you have the product in your possession.

6, 8 or 10 cross refers to the number of cross bars in the assembly. More cross bars will provide more rigidity and more ability to mount accessories.  There are provisions for up to 3 cross bars along the top and they can be bolted in facing in or out depending on your need.

The bed rail plate will be customized with the PRO-4X insignia