2007 - 2017 Toyota Tundra 6-piece Skid Plate Package

$ 1,025.00

Skid package includes:


  • 2-piece engine/front axle
  • Transmission
  • Transfer case
  • 2-piece fuel tank
  • All mounting hardware


Engine skid features a removable door to change the oil filter without having to remove the skid plate.

All skids overlap from front to rear so there are no seams to catch and get hung up on.

Fuel tank skid mounts directly to the frame - not the fuel tank - and accommodates the extended range 38 gallon tank.

Engine skid will fit any application where the factory or TRD PRO skid plate would fit.

Engine Skid will accommodate a 1" diff drop butddoes not fit with drop bracket lifts.

There is approximately a 4-6 week lead time on all fabricated products. 


Price includes shipping!