Gen 2 Nissan Xterra Front Bumper Plate / Tube-Hybrid (2005+) DIY Kit

$ 425.00

For all you DIY'ers out there this is a DIY weld-together kit of our bumper components. 

This kit can be shipped ground directly to your home for about half of what freight shipping a completed bumper would cost!

 Estimated time to fabricate the bumper is 5-10hrs + paint/install. This kit is CNC cut for easy assembly, but is not for a novice welder. All components should be welded together by a skilled welder/fabricator.

As with our pre-assembled bumpers, the 2nd gen Xterra bumper is fully CNC cut and fabricated from 1/4" and 3/16" steel plate and all tubes are .120 wall DOM.

Standard features:

-1/4" plate Brackets and mounting hardware

-1/4" Winch plate CNC Cut

-3/16" Plate section CNC cut and the bend lines perforated.

-Winch mounting area for 10k and under non-integrated solenoid winches

- Includes 5/8" Recovery points, through welded to the frame brackets design

-All necessary Grade-8/8.8 mounting hardware included

-All tubes bent with enough stick out left on the end to fit to size with tube cap



**Each bumper is hand built to-order in our IN fab shop: Lead times apply. Usually lead time is 2-4 weeks + shipping**